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[ stories: canon ]

These are canon stories that are in no particular chronological order. Originally written for our patreon, where we have even more stories, including several multi-chapter novellas!

June 7th

word count: 3111

summary: Set immediately after the final tree-house scene in the main comic. Carter gets stitches.


word count: 2629

summary: Carters’s favourite summer activity: summer homework (Adrian)

drive home

word count: 2118

summary: Set after the pizza scene. Carter drives Adrian home from school.

oct 31.

word count: 2164

summary: Adrian and Carter dress up for a halloween house party.

5/15 wake up now!

word count: 1985

summary: Carter and Adrian have P.E. class together.

[ stories: AUs ]

These are stories featuring Adrian and Carter that aren’t in our universe.

Spring, 1907

word count: 2953

summary: The Edwardian AU, part 1.

[ stories: old ]

These stories are ancient relics from our past (2011-2012)

Spring in December

This story is the biggie. Adrian’s past before he meets Carter!

word count: 18,000+

summary: Adrian joins the musical theatre club in his third year of high school. Set a few months before Always Raining Here. Warning: extreme soap opera.

more old ARH Short Stories 2011-2012

Note: these stories are old. Tread with caution.

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