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Our translation policy

We would love to see Always Raining Here available for many people to enjoy! However, at the same time we would like to keep as the central hub for all ARH related material, even in other languages. This means that we will host your translations on the website itself, uploaded with the same format and accessibility as the English version (with due credit to the translations of course)! We ask that this be the only place where the comic is uploaded, because it gets complicated for us when our comic is spread across multiple sites. Please do not upload ARH on other websites. 

Also, we do not have time to give text-less versions of all the pages, so if you want to translate the comic please just use the files provided on the site :)

If you are okay with all this, or have any questions at all, then please feel free to send us an email at hazelbell.arh @! We look forward to seeing Always Raining Here available in multiple languages.


Hazel & Bell

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