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You must be nervous as shit Carter… what on earth is going on with your game? *LOL* Where’s the cool, corny suaveness you’ve charmed him with so far? Awwww, you poor bebe… you’re trying so hard. Come on Adrian, sitting there all buttoned up like a nun. Cut him some slack. And smile a little; he won’t bite… I think…

was this comic always in third person or is it me

The point of view switches between chapters, but not consistently. The majority of Volume 1 was in Carter’s point of view. Volume 2 seems to be an 3rd person omniscient view considering that we are seeing an equal amount of Carter’s and Adrian’s sides of the story, but so far we’ve only “heard” Carter’s thoughts.

I’m guessing the rest of this chapter will be 3rd person, but with the narrative being more heavily focused on Carter’s side than Adrian’s. We’ll get to hear more of Carter’s inner commentary, but we’ll get to observe an equal amount of Adrian’s actions/experiences (without commentary).

*disclaimer: this is strictly fan speculation :U

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