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I know this feeling. I’m a theater student and my parents could care less and think it’s a waste of time. But they have the decency to /act/ like they care. What’s more my name is Adrianna…. my sister is constantly following me around going “Hey Adrian, Hey Adrian” because that’s what my family calls me. /regrets showing her the comic/

is it just me or is his mother more upset than his dad? his dad’s face seems more like an, “oh that thing again” and slightly disappointed, but his mother’s face is like “goodness, that useless nonsense again? hmph” or something.
or maybe it’s just their different ways of expressing the same emotions on their face.

Way to go Mr and Mrs H… you guys really know how to make your child feel comfortable in his own skin. Not saying that they are bad parents or anything along those lines, but when parents make those curt, awkward remarks you just know they are trying to repress their inner grief in you falling short of their hopes and dreams. That last panel speaks volumes to me~ ah, the memories.

This just makes me want to see what Carter’s parents are like more than ever now!

Oh this page looks so beautiful: I like the pastels colors and the backgrounds (you have my respect for these little patterns on the wallpaper ) But Adrian’s expression say it all, these awkward moments that you can only share with family… : / I wish I could cheer him up ;_;

BABE NO DON’T BE SAD. It is really shitty of his parents to just impose their will on him like that but I also get the feeling that they really do love him they just don’t approve of theatre and stuff, i wonder if he’s even out to them yet. It’s shitty of them not to support him.

Huh. Having now read all the short stories in the extras, this scene goes so much deeper. It almost breaks my heart. I can understand his parents feelings in a way too. Not the homophobia, not trying to push your gay son into a straight relationship, but I can see why they might feel uneasy about the theatre.

Honestly, I dislike his parents a little less now that I read Spring in December. I mean, they’re still unbelievably dull and could be a little more understanding but yeah, when I first read this I thought they were just all bitchy because he was a boy in theater. Trying too coerce your gay son into a straight relationship is a big nono though, so fuck you Adrian’s parents.

Really happy I read Spring in December, everyone else should read it too, it explains everything that happened with David and Adrian.

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