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Whoa, I wasn’t expecting Adrian’s mom or dad to (ever) pop up. Now I’m curious about Carter’s family. I get the feeling that they want Adrian to be with this Samantha girl and Adrian is unhappy about that. Does his parents know that he’s gay? I forgot… But yeah! I’m glad you two are posting again. =DDDD

I may be misremembering, but I’m pretty sure it was addressed in that short story that his parents know he is gay. Something about his inferiority complex about them being disappointed that he can’t give them grandkids, which really isn’t fair since Canada allows both gay marriage and those gay couples to adopt children. But I’m sure it wouldn’t stop traditional/conservative parents from wanting to act like it isn’t true or hope that it is some sort of “phase” and he will grow out of it. Who knows what they’re thinking.

Actually, if I remember correctly, Adrian’s parents are immigrants from Czech and they’re pretty strict. Here’s the quote from the short story,

“Adrian knew his parents. They were traditional in many ways, from their refusal to let Adrian learn English before Czech, from their insistence that Adrian wear respectable clothing whenever he left the house. He was the runt of the litter of three other brothers, all who were relatively successful and not drug addicted, but for some reason his parents had a much different opinion of them. They regarded their sons as hooligans even though one was working on his Masters thesis, one was playing sports semi professionally and the other was making mad cash in dry-walling.

Adrian was their last chance. Their last bastion of hope for a truly perfect son who would be polite and well dressed and mild mannered. He did exceptionally well in school, did well in sports, kept enough friends, did not smoke, drink or even swear that much.

They had been lax with him for most of his life as he grew up knowing what pieces to pick up that his brothers dropped, knowing what exactly would please his parents enough for them to get off his backs.

That was until he came out, at least.”

That being said, “strict” parents don’t typically give their children 1:30am curfews on school nights (see page 72). His parents seemed to have had him on a pretty long leash, even after he came out. His mother may be overbearing and he may feel like they expect(ed) too much from him, but I think most of Adrian’s problems are with his own sense of self-worth. Hopefully Carter can help him fix that.

I was born and raised in a VERY strict household. My parents are very conservative and extremely religious people. Though they love me to death because of it. They don’t like the fact that I’m bisexual, or that I draw/watch/read anime/manga… But it disappoints them, and that does hurt me. Even to this day, I can see their sad eyes…
I guess they are hoping one day I will convert. Who knows~
I literally grew up wearing only skirts, no T.V. no telephone until 16 and I paid for it. I had my internet for an hour and they always checked up on me. I had to work to buy the things I wanted, and most of the time my mother took like $100 so she could save it for me… Since most of the time I’d waste it. X’D
I couldn’t be in my room all the time…
But in reality, I am glad they did all of that. Because if they were ‘normal’ parents… I don’t know what I would of done with my life. I’m glad I have parents like that….
Though I wish they would of been more open.. But I guess that’s impossible with religion.
ANYWAY…. That’s my past I guess… //shot

I don’t think anyone will even bother to read all of this sob story. AHahaha

Crap, I really wanna read the short story, I guess I just supported them on Patreon too late :/ shit.

Poor babe.

I get a bit of that feeling sometimes, even if I’m not gay it really hurts me when some of my family members openly show disapproval of homosexuality. :<

I’m bisexual, and I have a grandmother who is homophobic. She isn’t like ‘kill the gays, they don’t deserve rights’, she’s more like ‘it’s wrong, and the Bible says it’s not ok’. I have openly told her in a respectful manner why I disagree with her and why, in a conversation in a car with my two cousins.

She’s a wonderful grandma, but sometimes people need to be taught a thing or two, even if they’re older. Especially in this day and age. It is very hard for me to come to terms with any of my family being homophobic, especially the ones open to oppression, but since I’m only in High School my mom doesn’t let me correct them and such (my mom is bisexual as well). I normally just avoid them. I feel bad for anyone who has to go through things like that.

Lol, omg, my name’s Ivana xD

My name is Ivanna too!

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