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Friday is now my favorite day of the week, because I always remember that this comic is updating.

Oh goodness these cuties. I want Carter to assert himself in the theater group league, insert himself into its chapter. This is great. Friendship smiles. So cute. So much better than the earlier annoyed glares (which were great too, but this, this is a whole new level of satisfying). I love this story so much. ;u;

Stupid question: Was this a knowing grin, like Adrian knew he had a truck? Or was it grinning for the sake of grinning?
Either way, I love these two getting along! :D

Hmmmm… those are good questions. It does kinda look like they’re just eyeing each other, which is sooooo cute btw ♥.

I don’t recall seeing Carter with a truck before, just the bike. Unless he’s offering and then planning to borrow one from somebody. But if not, that leaves another possibility… I hate to think it but the name “David” comes to mind…

Let’s hope I’m wrong here…

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