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Adrian knows that French Girls pose well enough to see where this conversation is going.


Okay so we have a few big things to get underway this post.

First off, the indiegogo fundraiser is on the home stretch. You guys have helped us raise over $4,900 so far, which is absolutly amazing! We’ve still got another 600 bucks to go before our printed edition can get funded though! Please check it out if you’re interested in contributing.

Secondly, we’re officially going to Yaoi Con again! It’s going from October 12-14, so if you’re in the LA area and thinking about going, (and 18+) we’ll be in the artist alley selling all our swag and things!

And the second, bigger and much cooler announcement….

We will be guests at Ahn! Con, Midwest USA’s Yaoi Con.

Ahn-con is runs from January 11-13th and is located in Kansas City, Missouri. There should be a lot of awesome yaoi-related programming going on, a good opportunity for those who can’t make it to the west coast for Yaoi-con. Not to mention, there should be a lot of cool people attending  (like E.K Weaver from TJ and Amal)!

Pre-registration is only 25$ until September 30th, so  if you’re in the mid-west and you’re curious (or heck, if you want to meet us), it’s not a lot to drop to check out this cool new con! You can also check out their facebook page for more updates, information, and ideas!  We’ve never been to midwest USA before, so we’re both pretty excited about this.

(Also, there’s only 2 pages left of Volume 1 before we go on Hiatus! More on that next week.)

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