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And by “we” I mean me and this child’s bike I have just borrowed without permission from a neighbour’s garage.

First off I didn’t get to update last week so I’m pretty belated on this, but thank you so much to all those lovely people who left birthday well-wishes! It was really heart warming to see so many birthday well-wishes ahhhh ;w;

And now-this week! This week’s page was composed while Hazel was in the throes of some shitty mystery illness. She worked really hard this week to get it done (I tried to help a bit with colouring, but I’m so slow at it hehe :B) I think it would be really really sweet of you guys if you thanked her for that, or offered ideas on  filling, plain-tasting foods that she could eat, or anything really. Shes been subsiding on mostly crackers for like five days.

hazel says: please no more food suggestions, I can’t read about food without feeling queasy .__. Thanks for all your support though.


and hey what’s this an alternate panel text


edit 7/12: page should be up.. later tonight…late

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