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There are wayz to deal with the pubez Jason :’)


Well, if a man expects a lot of… activities down there. Of a suction kind. He often keeps his pubes trim. Although some people like a big bush.

Do they really look like that? wrinkly and gross?

I don’t know, look it up xD

uh… no thanks… not on my school computer…

…. Hehe. Do it, you know you wanna… c:

oh no… I can just imagine the poor IT teachers looking through everything that we teenage girls type when we think we’re alone… wading through heaps of swearing, angsty journaling, misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and even the occasional absolutely scandalous fanfiction. I think they would have given up long ago… Hence, I think I’m safe. If I’m not, well, the rest of the school will have to go down with me. xD

as a lesbian i agree with jason tbh

Am I the only person in the commentaries ho DOESN’T agree with him? I might be a lonely never-saw-someone-naked-in-real-life virgin person but I spend hours on internet researching for hot boys naked pictures and I like balls a lot (and cute little dicks too). I don’t like boobs… specially the ones with nipples… nipples are weird.

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