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This made my day: “You haven’t seen these cakes. It’s pornographic, really”. 
Awesome comic. I’m glad that it caught my eye. 
The art style is refreshing and the characters are very realistic. I can’t wait to see more.
WOOHOO Chapters, Loblaws and TIM HORTONNNNNNNS!! -at the moment, it’s roll up the rim to win, so I’m craving some coffee right about now-

I’m from Sweden! :D Hahaha, but still, what are those berries? Lingon? :0

Nah, Swedish Berries are a candy (I don’t actually know if they’re sold outside of Canada) made by the company Maynards. they’re sort of like these red tiny jello-shaped gummies. Taste kind of candy-spicy, if that makes any sense.

Wait-he DOES know his size ? OMG xD

the size thing is kind of bs. if you want the condom to do its job it should be completely watertight and airtight. plus, even the smallest of condoms will stretch enough to be worn as socks.

I’m just gonna go on a limb here and say that, “Swedish Berries” might be the Canadian equivalent to America’s “Swedish Fish”.
(Please correct me if I’m wrong,guys.)

Her basket kinda looks like a TARDIS

How can cakes be pornographic?

To be honest, seeing cake that looks AMAZING DELICIOUS is just as euphoric as watching porn. In conclusion, cakes can equal to porn.

Have you ever seen a cake so beautiful you’ve cried. That’s how cakes can be Pornographic


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