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Gotta love how all the comments are about Adrian’s shirt and not what he has revealed.
1) No matter how much he might want to have sex, he doesn’t want sex without love.
2) He has someone he has an unrequited love for.

Adrain, I want, no…NEED your hair color. *-*

“I know
I’m being a total girl about this” What? Why would you say stuff like this? This is awful…

yeah i hope the future dialogue doesn’t include casual misogynist remarks or using “retarded” as an insult

I get that the dialogue is harsh but it’s realistic and not everyone censors and carefully constructs their own thoughts -__-. It’s not hard to imagine a teenage boy saying these things which makes this comic that much better. People just need to get that these might not be the author’s opinions but it’s what the character would realistically think

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