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Guess who?

“Carter . . . Are you trying to make me cry??”

Well it is called Alwaysraininghere Adrian . . .

Plz translaaaaaateeeeee :'(

to what??? spanish? cuz thats all I can do xD

Yasss!!!! Please ; ____ ; <3

I met you guys at ECCC on Sunday!! It was so awesome to actually see you in person after following your comic for so long. Thanks for being so nice and dealing with my total fangirl moment. I hope you two are feeling better! PS> I can’t WAIT to frame my pic of Carter and Adrian in the teacup.^_^ Cutest pic ever. (Side Note: I’m the purple haired girl who almost pounced your table and practically yelled “YOU GUYS ARE HERE!!” at you…. earning strange looks from the other people gathered around lol)

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