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where’s the update though???

Bored? Scared? Waiting to hear what the heck happened to Carter? Here’s the thing to tide you over: a list of comics, to be added to by whomever should pass by this, in order to keep us all alive just that little bit longer.

Part A >> BL Comics
> Tripping Over You ->
> Cans of Beans ->
> [NSFW] Starfighter ->

Part B >> Everything Else
> Itchy Feet: A Travel and Language Comic ->
> Stand Still, Stay Silent ->
> The Property of Hate ->

That hopeless feel when you realize you already read all of these

Oh dear, James II. Got any more?

Let me contribute to this list…
[NSFW] Purpureanoxa ->

19 Days ->
-(Follow the translators for more updates in 19 Days –> (I would sugest reading all of it before going to the tumblr because there is a high chance for spoilers)

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