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Is he being serious?

No one will ever know.


UPDATE JAN 18/2014


I’m taking full responsibility for the comic being late this week. I spent way too long yesterday working on the scripts, so Hazel hasn’t been able to work on the next pages yet! She’s also away with family today and hasn’t started the pages yet. Not sure when they are going up, I’ll let you guys know what the ETA is when Hazel gets back :>

I hope everyone has a good weekend!  <3


their blossoming friendship stirkes me like a dulce beam of sun light, assorted with a breeze’s whisper, tingling, and the comforting smell of golden nature surrounding, making my soul floats in an eerie bubble of an echoing warmth.
YES. this friendship makes me feel the same as with one of my favorite things: Auntumn.

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