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eeee the squishy sounds and sparkles are killing me uguuu

also I am very glad that this little detour has allowed Adrian a breather period. vuv It seems he’s thinking more clearly now that he’s not panicking/dwelling on the fact that there isn’t an existing Emerald City set. Way to go Carter. :O

Do my eyes deceive me or are those bishie sparkles?

So, you went and got all cleaned up but left Adrian outside? Two words Carter: missed opportunity… just sayin. And I really wanted to see his mom too. But I guess Rebecca was the most he wanted to subject Adrian to in one day… XD

And may I say, excellent job on having your shenanigans pay off in the end Carter! Not only did he have a good laugh but he’s over the disappointment and has a new plan now… all thanks to you :) It’s nice how they are so casual and comfortable together in these panels, compared to how the day started out… so I’m hoping that when Adrian says ‘we’ here he not just talking about his theater group and somehow Carter will get involved too. Clearly Adrian likes having Carter’s dorkiness around, afterall, nobody does “BAKA” quite like him~

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