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also! Bell and I are going to have another livestream this Sunday (the 25th) at 3pm pst – we will be working on finishing up the short comic/story we came up with during the last time – we will also be on the mic for questions, or conversations and the like :> hope you can make it! I will post a link here or on tumblr half an hour prior to the stream! (but it will be on that channel)





Hey guys. We’re at PAX, which is super cool. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up having enough time to get the page done before we left, which sucks! To try and make it up to you guys, we’re having a fancomic (done by the marvelous VY) coming out this week, which should be plenty cracktastic. Along with that, there will be two pages of ARH coming out next week to make up for the lack of page this week.

Yeah, so sorry about everything, but shit happens sometimes! Hope you guys will understand :)



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