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tfw no adrian to share lack of motivation with

tfw you will never curl up infront of the fire with an adrian after a long day trailing around and dealing with problems as you begin to undress only to realise adrian is a gendersnake and carter is actually a FtM

Oh my God Carter, if you are trying to make yourself look appealing enough to Adrian to at least bang (let alone date), I have two words for you. Epic. Fail.

But yay for your refreshing honesty?

Ahaha! Although, it’s kinda nice to see him ‘as is’, without the usual antics and lyrics he puts out to impress Adrian. Even if the ‘as is’ doesn’t sound too appealing. Hopefully the honesty will count for something with Adrian and maybe by learning of his -uh- deficiency it may lead him to inspire Carter to find some motivation in his life… you know, other than trying to bang him XD

i dont think Carter is trying to impress Adrian by trying to seem cool. Carter is a cool guy, and he likes to have fun. Its his personality, who he is effortlessly. (whether Adrian is in the mood for it, or often not!)

I totally agree with you there – Carter IS a cool guy 110%. But when I said impress there, what I meant was more along the lines of him doing crazy stuff to attract Adrian imo… I mean, getting laid was his original intention afterall. But yeah, over time we’ve come to adore all sides of this precious cinnamon roll^^

BTW, are you new? Then, Welcome to the ARH fandom! Trust me, you will LOVE it here. Your feels may have a different experience though-

*laughs~ cries a little~ laughs again*

I gotta be with Adrian on this one, I dunno how some people do it. I wouldn’t know what I’d be without my art haha. I kind of admire people who can just enjoy life at a slow pace.

I just don’t know how to do that either! I’m always on the go, so for me my ‘taking it slow” is to relax and escape with some fun reading. I actually envy Carter here, to be honest…
And you! Authoring quite a few webcomics of your own on SJ, right? :D

(I’m thinking it’s you because of your username, lol, so please correct me if I’m wrong…)

AH-HAH! You said Envy! :D
Be jealous of me too… I’m just as carefree as Carter…

…Envy meeeeeeeee……….. e.0

love this comic, but getting so hard to wait a week for a few sentences -_- , might take a break and come back in winter :P

The majority of webcomics update on a weekly basis. The minority do so twice or more. There are even those who only update per month. Updating a page is obviously going to be “a few sentences” and not any more than that. But besides that, the artist/writer may have other commitments in life which would decide how frequently they update. In the case of Hazel and Bell, they keep their readers informed on this. So comments like this come across as if they are not living up to some personal perceived expectation, which is a bit unfair to them. If they had stated a schedule but were not sticking to it at all, I could understand the difficulty. But when they do, it’s still not enough?
Well, at least you love the comic…

I can understand being happy not doing anything. Sure, I am now working towards a university degree but aside from that I’m always happy not doing much of anything with my spare time and people never seem to get that. They always seem shocked that anybody could be happy without constant entertainment and excitement.

True – it’s pretty easy to entertain yourself with a little imagination, and it’s nice to have the freedom to choose, to simply do whatever you feel like. People seem to think that free time must be filled with an Activity – something planned or social, but I enjoy just doing whatever comes into my head.

Feel like doodling? Random drawing time!
Get a song idea? Spend the next five hours engrossed with recording software!
Dream up a story? Start a novel!
Hungry? Cake-baking time!
Tired? Sleep for the next ten hours!
Feeling unproductive/ curious? Watch random documentaries, or go on a wikipedia trek.

I never understand how people can ever feel like they have too much free time, or how people get so bored that they have to plead for entertainment on Facebook or whatever. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH FREE TIME. EVER. Even with all the time in the world, there are still hundreds of things I want to do, and if I literally don’t feel like doing anything, I’m perfectly happy lying on my bed and daydreaming. How can anyone prefer going to work or school to having so many possibilities at their disposal?

I’m not disputing the necessity of working, but unless you have a dream job doing something that you love, then your employment is nothing more than a means to an end: sufficient money to survive, and spend recreationally. It’s insane that people can actually complain about having “too long a holiday” because they’re “bored”. I mean, seriously, WTF?! Can someone’s brain really be so empty that they long for some muppet to prescribe them boring tasks, in preference to actually thinking up enjoyable things to do for themselves? It really beggars belief.

Erm… anyway, rant over. My point was: yes, I empathise. :)

My middle school choir teacher told the class something once, although most likely the majority of the class didn’t pay attention, it’s stuck with me. She said, “My mom once asked me how my day had been. I had replied, ‘boring’. And she asked me, ‘Well, did you try to do something about it?’.”
I get annoyed when people say how bored they are, too. lol And I hate saying I’m bored myself, because if I’m bored, as my choir teacher’s mother had said, it’s up to me to do something about it.

Yes exactly! Somedays I just want to lay around daydreaming. I enjoy my job quite a lot even though most people would consider what I do to be terribly boring lol. I often wish I knew somebody who would enjoy just doing nothing together. I would like companionship without necessarily having to do an activity together! Not that I don’t ever enjoy doing activities with friends, but sometimes I just want to be with somebody without really doing anything!

Another thing that bothers me is that people feel the need to constantly have noise or music surrounding them. I like to luxuriate in the peace and quiet whenever I can!

Ah, you probably wouldn’t want to spend time with me, then. I sing ALL the time. Like, seriously, ALL the time. Add in guitar practise and the music I actually listen to, and it makes for quite a noisy combination.

The only time I’m actually quiet is if I’m sleeping [or possibly reading or drawing, but no guarantees there] :)

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